Theme 2017: Farming: a passion,a set of ambitions

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Discover the 2017 theme, inspired by current events - "Farming: a passion, a set of ambitions"

"The agricultural sector is changing. French farming is in the throes of a major economic crisis. Serving as a showcase for agriculture, the Paris International Agricultural Show takes long view of farming, bringing together sectors, stakeholders in these sectors and members of the general public. For this 54th edition of the show, we have decided to continue lending our support to all of the professions in the sector, and to provide visitors -who are also consumers -with an overall insight into farming in France"

The theme chosen for this year's event, inspired by current events -"Farming: a passion,a set of ambitions"- is also an opportunity for us to tackle all the other aspects of the sector: training, expertise, professions, innovations, etc" says Jean-Luc Poulain, Chairman of CENECA and the Paris International Agricultural Show.

Discover the 4 sectors of the show:

  • Livestock breeding sectors
  • Culinary products
  • Crops and plant
  • Agricultural services and profession

Discover the sectors