Visit to Arcy Farm

Visit to the Quaak brothers' family farm

For the very first time, professional visitors to this year’s Paris International Agricultural Show will get to visit Arcy Farm, a family farm run by the Quaak brothers, on Wednesday 26th February.  The journey to and from the farm will be in buses powered by NGV (Natural Vehicle Gas) supplied by GRDF.

This 280 ha farm is only 60 km from Paris, near the village of Chaumes-en-Brie. Visitors will find 250 ha of crops (wheat, barley, beetroot and colza), 100 ha of meadows and 500 heads of Limousine beef cattle.

But above all, Arcy Farm is famous for having been the first farm in France to produce biomethane. So come and visit the farm’s methanisation plant where cattle effluent is recycled and waste is treated, creating a continuous stream of green energy!

The farm also has 1800 m² of photovoltaic panels on the livestock building. These supply electricity to 85 households in the villages in the surrounding area, resulting in an 8500 kg reduction in CO2!


What is methanisation?

Methanisation is a biological phenomenon whereby organic matter is fermented: food waste from fruit and vegetables, household waste and agricultural waste (manure), as well as industrial waste, such as grain dust.  This natural degradation can be harnessed via special facilities – methanisation sites – and then used to produce biomethane.

At the end of the process, two components are left: biogas and digestate. Once it has been purified, the biogas becomes biomethane. It has the same properties as natural gas in terms of how it can be stored and transported. The digestate can be used as fertiliser. Of all the means used to produce green gas, methanisation is the most mature process. Every day, the number of projects to connect up methanisation plants grows.

Definition by GRDF

 Registration for this visit covers:

– The return journey from Porte de Versailles (departure: 7:30 AM)

– A welcome coffee at the farm

– A guided tour provided by one of the Quaak brothers

– Lunch in a restaurant near the farm


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