The Professionals' Village

The Professional's village : 400 mof meetings and exchanges

The Professional's village

Located in the heart of Pavilion 1, the professionals' village, an area that brings together representatives of agri-suppliers, invites our visitors to meet agricultural industry leaders to discuss about common issues :

  • Agriest : Established in Scey-sur-Saône, at the heart of Franche-Comté, for nearly 40 years, Agriest partners manufacturers and distributors, and is a major player in the agricultural equipment market.
  • ATI : For more than 20 years, the ATI group has been a partner of the food industry specialising in dosing, packaging operations in preformed... containers, robot integration and consumables management.
  • AST International : A manufacturer and installer of automatic vending machines with compartments that enable farmers to dispense with intermediaries and free them up from the workload represented by the operation of a sales outlet.
  • BCTI : BCTI brings together the skills of French livestock organisations to offer a complete range of services for the development of the international beef, sheep and goat sectors. It has the capacity to mobilize several hundred high-level international experts within these livestock organizations and the Institut de l'Élevage. It provides technical assistance, studies, expertise and training to foreign partners in the definition and implementation of development programmes, in response to their specific needs.
  • Ecalard SAS : For over 40 years, Ecalard has been constantly enriching its offering to meet the specialised requirements of bakers, pastry chefs, chocolate makers, ice cream makers, catering professionals, farmers and artisans processing milk throughout France and abroad.
  • Maréchalle Pesage :  Maréchalle Pesage has been building cattle handling and weighing crushes for the past 50 years. Its capacity for innovation and desire to meet the real needs of farmers has led to the company becoming France’s leader in cattle weighing systems.
  • Races de France : 
  • STI Industrie : A specialist manufacturer and marketer of electric tractors, electric shooters and power pushers, power plates and industrial trailers used in many activity sectors.


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