Candy, 2011 mascot cow

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Candy, representing Vosges Cattle and guest of honour at the 2011 Paris International Agricultural Show. 


Black and white colour-sided coat. A white dorsal strip extends from the animal's neck to its tail. The head is generally white with speckling or even ash-coloured lines that extend up to its ears which are black – like its horns, nostrils and hoofs.


Vosges Cattle are remarkably hardy and are extremely good walkers, particularly suited to difficult terrain. Able to withstand sudden changes in temperature, they are perfectly adapted to being reared in mountain conditions. Their creamy and high-protein milk is ideal for producing Munster cheese.

These cows are found in the Vosges mountains and more generally in eastern France. There are currently around 9500 of them in France. They were almost completely wiped out during the two world wars with Germany in the last century. It was only very recently – in the 1970s – that numbers of this hardy and local breed started to rise again and it avoided extinction. 

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