Bella, 2014 mascot cow

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Bella comes from the Pays de Savoie


Fine tan-coloured coat, lyre-shaped horns, and darkening around all the extremities.


Tarentaise or Tarine 

 “Tarentaise are the only cows in France with two names: Tarentaises or Tarines. For many years, they have been part of Alpine traditions. As far back as the first century, Pliny the Elder, author the encyclopaedic “Naturalis Historia”, was already praising the "milk-producing qualities of these small cows".  It was not until 1863 that they were first christened Tarentaises.

Where do Tarentaise cows live? 

Most Tarentaise cows live in France's Savoie region, particularly in the actual Tarentaise Valley. But they are found elsewhere as well. If there are currently 13,500 Tarentaise cows in France, it is because a great deal of support has been rallied around the breed. The UPRA (a breeders’ association created in 1974) is made up of representatives of all bodies that have links with this particular breed. And then in 1992, the Fédération Mondiale de la Race Tarentaise was founded.
Their milk is used to produce four PDO cheeses – Beaufort, Tome des Bauges, Reblochon and Abondance – and two PGI cheeses: Tomme and Savoie Emmental.

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