Aronde, 2013 mascot cow

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To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show, Aronde is the 2013 mascot cow


Round "spectacled" eyes and milky coat with blond markings

The Normande breed

The Normande breed is renowned for its particularly creamy, high-protein milk. It is used to make Normandy cheeses and creams.

The 50th anniversary

But in 2013, the year during which the Paris International Agricultural Show’s 50th anniversary was celebrated, the event had not one but seven mascots – the number of animal types which compete in the General Agricultural Competition. It featured Aronde, the Normande cow; Floca de la Prahas, the Berger de Beauce bitch; Galilée, a Cul Noir Limousin gilt; Upac, a Percheron mare; Lorenzo, a Mérinos de Rambouillet ram; Rubens du Colombier, a Provence donkey and Douce, an Alpine goat.

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