Top 5 reasons to come to the #SIA2019

We are giving you only good reasons to visit the #SIA2019!

Reason #1 Haute

It's been 6 months that we talk about it on social networks, it's really time to stop the suspense and run in Pavilion 1 to meet her and her calf Olympe.

Reason #2 Savor & taste

Do we really need to say more about it?

Reason #3 Find the singing accents of our regions

This is an opportunity for all those forced to live in Paris to reconnect with their regions and their accent.

Reason #4 Because baby goats are too cute...

Even if all the animals are cute but see them frolicking like that, we crack...

Reason #5 Because it's school holidays!

Indeed, during the first weekend of the show, all the country will be on vacation! No more excuses!

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