The #SIA2021 theme

Agriculture: our day-to-day, your future!

The recent crises that we have experienced have placed resilient agriculture at the heart of the debate about how we are going to feed people. Flying in the face of all the current agri-bashing, enthusiastic farmers have finally received recognition.

For its 2021 edition, two themes will underscore the Paris International Agricultural Show.

"Our day-to-day lives" obviously means the day-to-day lives of farmers who produce when things are going well and when things are going badly. And it also refers to the day-to-day lives of consumers who are paying more and more attention to what they eat and who have rediscovered the essential role that farmers play.

Things are not always rosy in the agricultural sector. But it is robust. It knows how to be resilient and adapt. Whenever possible, it reconciles consumers' wishes with its own expertise, building bridges with people and highlighting the best of what it is able to do. It innovates and is driving the forthcoming transformation.

Farming is a profession for the future. It feeds people and is both technological and scientific.

Urban, biological, traditional or modern, conventional or independent – AgTech and ever-changing professions, agriculture that is close to its regions and derived from all regions, has a rosy future for people.

Our challenge is to build a common future.

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