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Zéro Enfant Perdu Operation

The Show offers bracelets for a carefree family visit. It allows you to enter the name and surname of your child and a phone number to reach you quickly if it has gone astray. The bracelet is available at all checkouts, at the Info Points and near the guards. A number "lost child" exists: +331 57 25 21 28.


For a better comfort of visit, spaces are at your disposal for a few minutes of rest and games, with animations every day. Find around these 4 spaces called "Agri'Détente", a rest area with a space animation for the little ones.

  • Pavillon 2.1 : Pony baptisms - Every day from 9 to 19, the French Horse Riding Federation offers pony baptisms. A touch-screen terminal and the teams of the FFE will be at your disposal to help you find a club , a family hike, a stay or an internship for children ... For information and registration rendez-vous at the FFE booth (2.1, alley D stand 049)
  • Pavillon 4 : MACABANE – Constructions of wooden huts
  • Pavillon 5.2 : Livestock of the world - located near the livestock of the world, the space Agri'Détente will allow the children to approach dromedaries, camels, alpacas, yak or tulu ...
  • Pavillon 7.1 : Animation Dogs - Children often represent a very important link in the relationship between the dog and the rest of the home, it is through a game designed specifically for this purpose that we want to raise awareness about the rights and duties of dogs in our society . Two activities will be proposed: "In the footsteps of the shepherd" in mountain areas and "urban dog" in an urban area.

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