3 questions to Valérie Le Roy, Director of the Paris International Agricultural Show

1 – The 2020 Paris International Agricultural Show closed a day earlier than scheduled. Something completely unprecedented!

It is indeed the case that SIA 2020 ended a day earlier than scheduled, and above all extremely suddenly. We barely had the time to greet our service providers, our partners or even our exhibitors. And then we all found ourselves under lockdown – a period during which our farmers played an essential role. Because not only did they supply us with food… to compensate for delivery logistics arrangements that were no longer working properly, they created short supply channels, sold products at their farms and sometimes even set up online sales platforms.

2 – Preparations for the next SIA are already under way. Where are you at with it?

When the 2020 edition ended, as we do every year when the show closes, we took stock of how it went. First of all internally with the organising team, and then with as many partners and exhibitors as possible. And this time, we did it via videoconference. And three to four weeks ago, we started putting together the 2021 edition… thinking about new features, about the exhibition sectors… in short, everything that makes up the show's content. It's fair to say that work on the 2021 edition is already under way – for us, the organising team –, but also for our exhibitors, since they can now register.

3 – Won't the crisis that we are currently experiencing have an impact on the next SIA?

The current crisis will certainly affect the 2021 edition of the Paris International Agricultural Show. But it's difficult to say exactly how – we still have nine months ahead of us. What we can say for sure is that we are working on putting together a 2021 edition that really will help agricultural workers, producers and livestock farmers. An edition that will get visitors, who are also consumers, to show the solidarity and the commitment that they have in relation to farmers, and the agricultural sector more widely. And as you know, each show has its own theme – something which distinguishes it from previous ones. The theme on which we are working for 2021 will show just how proud we are of our farming community and the support that we want to give it.

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