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A big thank you to all of you who made this 54th edition a success !

The 54th edition of the Paris International Agricultural Show ran from 25 February to 5 March. It was held at the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre and was run smoothly and responsibly – despite the tense situation currently affecting farming in France.

The figures for this year's Show confirm just how important it is for the country's livestock and plant sectors. Although the Show provided evidence of the difficulties currently affecting farming, it also served as an opportunity for stakeholders involved in the various sectors to meet politicians and scientists who were in attendance as part of official visits. It was also an opportunity for visitors to discover mainland France's 13 new regions for the first time.

This year’s Paris International Agricultural Show saw 48 international delegations, 52 official visits, numerous professionals and more than 2400 journalists. As such, it fulfilled its role as a media and political sounding board and served as an effective forum for debate and discussion about current events affecting the sector.

Explanations so people have a better understanding of jobs and issues in the sector.

The Show has a very well-developed educational side to it "… so that the general public is informed and feels invested in its future", said Jean-Luc Poulain, farmer and President of the Paris International Agricultural Show. "… Exhibitors got to meet the general public and explain issues to them, as well as sharing their expertise and their passion via hundreds of events and "events within events". They were also able to showcase various innovations designed to keep pace with societal, environmental and technological changes in all of the Show's Halls", he added.


#SIA2017 outside the walls

This year, people's enthusiasm for this major annual event overflowed well beyond the Exhibition Centre's boundaries. There was considerable coverage on the social networks, including from those who were unable to get to Paris. 2.3 million people had some insight into what the Show was like via the various photos, videos and other publications which were shared during the 9 days that it was on using the #SIA2017 and #FINE hashtags – the latter being the name of the 2017 Show's mascot cow.

As far as professionals were concerned, the General Agricultural Competition was streamed online, and more than 197,000 people logged on to watch it!

True to its DNA, this year’s Paris International Agricultural Show established Paris as the capital of the world of farming – as well as using the passion of all those involved as a way to realise the ambitions the sector has for a new era.

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