Discover the first European line of smart aquaponic greenhouses for relocalizing food consumption

Self-Sufficiency at Home, with a Smart Greenhouse

On the occasion of the Paris International Agricultural Show 2017, the urban agriculture solutions company ‘myfood ’ – whose goal is for each of us to take control of our food system –will unveil the first European line of smart aquaponic greenhouses for relocalizing food consumption.

myfood  offers turnkey solutions for those who wish to produce their own food. Their greenhouses combine the most durable and efficient techniques on a small surface area: aquaponics (growing fish and vegetables together) and permaculture. An intelligent monitoring system optimizes the management and performance of the greenhouses to guarantee the success.

Over the last year, thirty “Pioneer Citizens” across Europe have adopted the myfood greenhouse at home and are experimenting with this new way of producing and consuming.They are a community of “beta testers” who have allowed the myfood team to shape an innovative product, Introducting the family22, the first smart aquaponic greenhouse producing between 300 and 400 kg (660 and 880 lb) to of vegetables a year ... and fish!

“We are convinced that all members of society must be able to produce their own food locally,” says Mickaël Gandecki, co-founder of myfood. “Whether on your balcony in the city or in your garden, we install greenhouses ranging from 3,5 to 22m² (38 to 237 sq. ft.). These models incorporate plants in vertical towers that are fertilized by fish ponds located directly beneath them.” 

myfood aquaponie

From 25 February to 5 March, the myfood team will be in Hall H022 (outside and inside). They will be showing visitors the “Family22”, a family-size 22m2 (237 sq. ft.) model that has the ability to operate off the grid (solar panels, rainwater collection and remotely connected). The much more compact “City” model (3,5 m² or 38 sq. ft.) will suit urbanites that have a large balcony or small patio. The system works above ground and can be installed in backyards or on rooftops. “Myfood invites you to join an active community of connected users who share their successes and great ideas. The production of fresh and natural food, close to the consumer, offers a response to the environmental impact and lack of transparency of intensive, industrial agriculture,” concludes Gandecki. 

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