Discover all the agenda of the International Agricultural Show in Paris !

Discover all the Show agenda !

Discover all the Show Agenda

The Show Agenda presents every day, with the detailed schedules, all the demonstrations, the competitions, the workshops and other demonstrations of the Paris International Agricultural Show for a route rich in greed and in discoveries!

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Discover the ring's programme

In total, there are around 1200 breeders who take part in competitions, 372 races and more than 2200 animals represented. 7 species are involved. 

Located in the heart of the various Halls at the Paris International Agricultural Show, the rings bring together the best of French genetics and livestock breeding. The animals in the General Agricultural Competition illustrate the results of breed selection programmes and facilitate commercial contacts. More than 300 breeds in competition or presentation in the 7 areas display the amazing diversity of French livestock breeding, going from the most known and best-represented breeds to breeds with very small numbers or those that are subject to conservation measures.These competitions are also broadcast live on the International Agricultural Show and General Agricultural Competition’s Internet sites.

The benefits: a French exclusivity and genetic excellence in a single location.

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Find out more on Concours Général Agricole

The Professionals’ Village

Located in the heart of Hall 1, it brings together representatives of agri-suppliers, leaders in their sectors, including:

• DeLaval: products and solutions for dairy farmers,

• Maréchalle Pesage: french manufacturer of systems for weighing cattle,

• Groupe Réussir: agricultural press,

• Interlim Génétique Service and Charolais Expansion:

Leading export cooperative unions for the Limousine and Charolaise breeds,

• Evialis: the specialist in animal nutrition for your livestock and pets,

• Bâtiments Moins Chers: industrial buildings and agricultural sheds in kits at low prices,

• Mon Labo Fermier: specialist in fully-equipped modular buildings for agricultural diversification activities: store,processing laboratory,...

Practical workshops

This area, located in the Professionals’ Village, offers 7 days of talks by experts at a rate of 4 per day on current problems. Amongst the topics addressed: the volatility of agricultural prices, biodiversity, animal well-being, the milk problem and bringing the milk industry out of crisis, precision livestock breeding and

vegetables. Participation is free and the projected programme is detailed on pages 12 and 13. Check the practical workshops programme

The benefits: from Saturday 25 February to Friday 3 March: 4 practical workshops per day. Free entry subject to spaces being available.