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myfood - Gardening and vegetable gardens

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To reconnect with our food, to reclaim lost knowledge, and what if we had the opportunity to farm differently? We create smart greenhouses using the latest technology, based on the principles of vertical aquaponics and permaculture, to produce our own food in a simple, accessible and responsible method.

The idea is also to create an open initiative, based on transparency, and to take inspiration from the "open source" spirit, to allow people to share their information and results. We support the growing community of myfood Pioneer Citizens, determined to transform their diets, move forward together and make a difference.

Fresh, tasty, nutritious and easy to grow food. Healthy, local and ecological agriculture, in addition to being accessible to the vast majority of the population. Reconnect with nature and improve well-being…

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Present on the flag : Luzzu Detox Water , Noocity Ecologie Urbaine , Urbiotop

Press releases

  • 15 February 2018

    Food is a topical issue. Between polemics and pesticide hunting, the desire to feed well and above all better, while having a perfect knowledge of the origin of the products that make up our plates. Individuals as professionals, it is a whole community that multiplies initiatives to regain control of our diet, our health and that of our children.

    It is thanks to the energy of these committed actors that myfood has brought out a unique, simple and ergonomic solution to support a maximum of people towards self-production. Myfood offers different models of connected greenhouses associated with aquaponics and permaculture techniques that adapt to urban and rural environments.

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