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PAYS DE LA LOIRE - Official bodies at regional/departmental level

Chambre d'Agriculture des Pays de la Loire - FOOD'LOIRE
9 rue André Brouard
CS 70510


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Home made, refined or gourmand, the Pays de la Loire products won’t let you indifferent. Enjoy tastings of our numerous exhibitors and succumb to a salted greed with delicatessens, cured hams, oisters, salmon and the salt workers’products… And to a sweeted greed with chocolate, honeys, strawberries and apples,  brioches and pastries.

To accompany this, wine of Anjou Saumur,  home made spirits and beers, or apple juice offer you a very wide choice.

You will also discover organic snails slime cosmetics and be able to purchase angora wool clothes.

Welcome on our PAYS DE LA LOIRE stand Hall 3 booth n° B 090 for more information about Ligerian food processing products and their promotion in France and abroad. From now on, find us on our website: www.foodloire.fr

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