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BURBAN PRODUCTION - Non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks (excluding wines)

Stands :

3 A 090

Regions of France

44500 LA BAULE



Born from traditional market gardening, Alain BURBAN founded BURBAN Production in 1983 with his brother Joël. They have successively abandoned some cultures by favoring that of strawberry. The success was at the rendezvous and the techniques were modernized progressively. In 2007, Alain's two sons, Stéphane and Xavier, who invested themselves from an early age on the farm, ensure succession by keeping the family spirit ... Today BURBAN Producer is 2 managers, 4 employees per year, 50 seasonal, more than 300 000 strawberry plants per year, almost 200 tons of strawberries produced on a surface of 7 hectares. But it's also raspberries, new potatoes and melons. Burban Producer makes since 2015 a range of processed products, jams, coulis and syrups from our production.


Present on the flag : PAYS DE LA LOIRE

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