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Domaine de La Rencontre


Domaine de La Rencontre - DOMAINE DE LA RENCONTRE


Each of our labels tells a story.  The voyage of discovery around the world, the destiny that brought Pierre and Julie towards their future together and their vineyard.  A parallel with Gustave Courbet, who travelled with his artist's tools on his back and painted "La rencontre" in the place where our vineyard is found today.  The name of each cuvée is not random and corresponds to the face of the world chosen.  So, lets tell the story.

The only round label - destination unknown for the "esprits libres".  You need an open mind for the " rencontre" - in our case, in the Americas.  Julie is the "philosophe" and Pierre the "poète" - south and north poles that create the balance.  "l'hédoniste", adores life's pleasures - and sharing them - our favourite destination - Asia.  But it is in Europe that we created our domaine and we love the "éclat" of excitement as we grow.  sagesse, we wait patiently for the botyritis to yield its treasure and of course, only the "pacific" ocean will do.

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