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Charte Demain la Terre®


Charte Demain la Terre® - DEMAIN LA TERRE


The 'Demain la Terre' Charter® aims to provide consumers with credible evidence of producer commitment, focused on three priorities: health, quality and respect for people and the environment.

This Charter revolves around three crucial points: credibility, better description, readability. It is composed of about fifty criteria better-said, objective, precise and measurable. It has been designed taking into account the diversity of cultural practices, so as to be universally applicable.

The Charter is built according to 8 themes related to sustainable development, identified with a concern for quality and also environmental and social responsibility. The minimum basis to be respected is the regulations in force in the different themes (a necessary but not sufficient condition).

The correct application of the different criteria and the level reached for each of them are checked annually by an independent body.


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