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An exhibition that appeal to industry professionals

Nearly 30,000 professional visitors from the agricultural and agro-food sectors!

Nearly 30,000 professional visitors from the agricultural and agro-food sectors, 12,000 of whom pre-registered to take advantage of the professional programme.

Who are these professional visitors? 

  • A third of them come from outside Paris
  • 14% come from abroad 
  • 76% are men  
  • Average age: 46 years old
  • Two-thirds of them work in the agricultural sector
  • 19% work in the food sector
  • nearly 70% of professional visitors have a managerial position

Professional visitors satisfied with their experience

  • a very high satisfaction rate of 84%, 30% of whom are "very satisfied"
  • 85% of professional visitors are satisfied with the general atmosphere
  • 87% of them are satisfied with the quality of the exhibitors visited

Various reasons for visiting:

  • Find out about what's going on in your sector: 61%
  • Meet colleagues: 41%
  • Make new business contacts: 35%
  • Meet your current business contacts: 32%
  • Attend the General Agricultural Animal Competition in the rings: 22%
  • Obtain information with a view to entering into a future sales contract: 14%
  • Enter into a sales contract: 4%

source: surveys conducted at the 2017 show between 25 February and 5 March, as well as one conducted online

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