Accompany visitors as they make their way through the show

Use the most suitable media to reach the widest possible audience

619,958 visitors – all people who are likely to use the visit support resources, such as the visit map (more than 450,000 copies of which are given out for free), the orientation maps, logos, etc.

There are several ways of maintaining a high profile across the whole show: 

  • Accompany visitors as they make their way through the show, using media that they keep with them: Logo packs, orientation maps, sampling, etc.
  • Be seen in the rings: you have the option to broadcast the ad of your choice during the General Agricultural Competition. 
  • Enjoy an exceptionally high profile outside the exhibition centre: Digital billboards in the central aisle, sails, etc.
  • Get involved in our own special campaigns, and link your company to our events: Private hire of the terrace, press office, other bespoke initiatives, etc.


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