Make the most of your tradeshow booth

How your exhibition stand is laid out is a fundamental part of your sales strategy

A well laid out stand represents real added value: it grabs the attention of visitors, showcasing your products and services. 


It is important to optimise the way your stand uses space. It should be arranged in a practical fashion, and visitors must be able to move around freely within it without feeling frustrated in any way. 


Stand out from the rest with attractive decor. Be original and creative! Visitors must be able to forget that they are at a trade fair with noisy aisles heaving with people… Create a comfortable and pleasant space. 

Don't underestimate how important lighting is!

The lighting you choose is extremely important. It will add the finishing touches to your stand and showcase your products. Most importantly, it will give your stand ambience. This way, you'll be able to stand out from your competitors. 

And the five senses! 

Feel free to appeal to your visitors’ five senses to get them to come to your stand. Perhaps you operate in the fine foods sector? In that case, play with aromas – they will make people stop on their way past your stand. 

Stay loyal to your brand

The design you choose for your stand must be in line with your brand's identity. Visitors should be able to recognise your company when they walk past your stand thanks to its colours, the ambience created, etc. 

Go the extra distance

If you want to go the extra distance, you could use the services of a stand designer. These are professionals who can put together a bespoke stand for you and then decorate it in your company’s colours. 

You now have everything you need to optimise your stand and draw visitors in droves to it!

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