Products from regions across france and its overseas territories and from the rest of the world

Set sail on a trip across a world of flavours!

Take your taste buds on a journey across France and its regions, and on a quest to discover specialities from all over the world!

This year’s Paris International Agricultural Show will take you on a journey, plunging you into the very best of what the world's agricultures have to offer. From regional products to exotic island flavours, not forgetting specialities from all five continents: a fully-fledged festival of flavours!

Cured meats, ciders, honey and jams, foie gras, vanilla and olive oils are just some of the specialities that visitors to the show can discover.


  • 3 sectors:
    • The 13 regions of France and their produce
    • Regions and Produce of France's Overseas Territories
    • World agricultures & delights

This can even involve sampling products that have won awards in the General Agricultural Competition at the special restaurant in Hall 4.

The sector in images: 

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