The milking parlour

Don't miss the must-see milking parlour in hall 1 

Animals' lives don't just stop during the show… The animals get milked every day! Come and see it at the Delaval stand in hall 1: 

Structure and organisation of the milking parlour at the 2018 Paris International Agricultural Show:

– Delivery: 6 semi-trailers

– Team of 5 assemblers for 1 week from Friday until Wednesday before the show opens

– 1st milking on Thursday evening before the show opens to visitors

– 2 teams of 2 DeLaval technicians oversee operation in the MORNINGS and in the EVENINGS, supported by 3 milking commissioners from the general office, with the help of trainees from farming schools (helping the livestock farmers with washing, providing assistance at the "bad" milk stations, etc.) and the veterinary school (California mastitis test + DeLaval cell counter test)

Milking times

Saturday 24 to Tuesday 27 February: 

  • Morning 5:30 AM – 7:45 AM
  • Evening 5 PM – 7 PM

From Wednesday 28 February to Sunday 4 March: 

  • Morning 6:15 AM – 7:45 AM
  • Evening 6 PM – 7 PM

night-time milking sometimes up until 3 AM on the days before events in the General Agricultural Competition


How many cows are milked at the show?

Around 500 dairy cows registered in the DelPro herd management software database

Approximately 250 cows per milking session (depending on the day and the competitions being held)

14 dairy breeds presented for milking

Around 45,000 to 50,000 litres produced at the event

What happens to the milk collected at the show?

The milk collected at the show is then sent to one of the Paris International Agricultural Show's partner dairies – the Laiterie St Denis de l'Hotel


2 x 14 DelPro MU480 milking units: Automatic unhooking + electronic milk counter and saving of individual cow milk/cow data (kilograms of milk, flowrate, milking time, etc.)

2 stainless steel milk circuits fitted with 6 milking units/Several hundred metres of stainless steel pipework (through which the milk passes), PVC pipework (milking vacuum) and rubber pipes

DELPRO herd management software with Bluetooth connection for sending individual production data

5 DeLaval water heaters

C200 washing programmer

NFO 200 L variable frequency vacuum pump (for saving energy and reducing noise levels)

16,000 L of milk storage in tanks

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