The milk and dairy product area

The "France, land of milk" stand will teach you anything you don't know about the dairy sector and  plunge you into a world of dairy delicacies.

As in previous years, the dairy sector will be fulsomely represented with one particular area completely given over to milk and dairy products. It will feature joint cow and goat areas, a dairy product area, representatives of dairy companies and a general event in the show's milking parlour.

The areas of the CNIEL (France's joint trade association for the dairy economy) and the ANICAP (the joint trade association for goat products) will be gathered together under the "France, Land of milk" banner, with three aims: help the general public understand the dairy sector (all types of livestock together), promote milks and all transformed products among consumers and facilitate relations and contacts among sector professionals. 

Events in the "Milk and dairy product area"

A milking parlour simulator will show visitors everything they need to know about the milk production process – from rumination to milking, as well as feeding, animal well-being and what livestock farmers need to do to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Pâquerette, Marguerite’s faithful daughter, is getting ready to take part in many demonstrations!

But that's not all: there will be a series of events all about dairy breeds and landscapes, farms, milking parlours and dairies. Visitors will be able to enjoy a completely original virtual reality experience, workingon a farm alongside a dairy farmer.

Special treats at dairy product bars

Since dairy products are varied, tasty dishes, there will be four bars on site to treat visitors and their five senses 

  • A milk bar: with regular events featuring a barman who will put on cocktail demonstrations and provide the traditional opportunities to sample flavoured milks
  • A cheese bar: for finding out about new trends in the cheese world – particularly "cheese and honey" combinations, – as well as PDO cheeses, and sampling them
  • A yoghurt bar: where visitors can sample personalised yoghurts, enjoy customised yoghurts made from cow's milk, goat's milk and ewe’s milk with gourmet toppings (crushed rose pralines, chocolate cornflakes, multicoloured vermicelli, red fruit coulis and balsamic vinegar, pear purée with turmeric and lemon, etc.).
  • A butter and cream bar: with demonstrations of sweet and sour flavoured butters, as well as a hand whipped cream competition


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