The exhibition bridge

The collective adventure is on the Exhibition Bridge!

The Paris International Agricultural Show and the General Agricultural Competition offer visitors a better understanding of the collective dimension that is at the heart of agricultural production. This interactive path was created on the bridge between halls 1, 2.1 and 2.2, is inspired by the agricultural land from the sky. The cartoons created for the occasion by Philippe Tastet* depicted life scenes of farmers or producers with an offbeat visionto explain visitors the collective in everyday life.

The scenography is divided into two equal parts:

  • an area dedicated to the General Agricultural Competition which illustrates with about ten drawings the collective in the young competitions, animals or products and wines,
  • an area that shows the farmers with the consumers or with the public authorities.

In the center of the bridge, a selfie animation area allows the visitor to take a picture.

*Philippe Tastet is a professional newspaper cartoonist 

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