The Plant Odyssey

Spotlight on the Odyssey – from harvest to bread! 

Want to see a crop farm? A real one? Nothing could be simpler : just visit hall 2.2, which is where the Plant Odyssey has created one over more than 900 m².

Based in Hall 2.2, the Plant Odyssey is one of the Paris International Agricultural Show's flagship areas.

Over more than 900 m² exclusively given over to the world of plants where all crops are featured (common wheat, durum wheat, barley, maize, rice, etc.), this cereal farm will take visitors on a journey of discovery through all of the crops that France produces, the aim being to bridge the gap between the field and the fork, by placing finished products made from these crops throughout the farm.

“Plants are vital!”

To illustrate its message – "Plants are vital!" , the Plant Odyssey will be aiming to make things fun and focusing on the future of agriculture, organising the area into 4 main sections, each one representing a stage in the plant cycle: sowing, protecting, harvesting and transforming. It will also be showcasing innovations designed to help farmers adapt to change and weather events, such as precision irrigation, robotics, a farm drive and other items of interest, such as combine harvesters.

Visitors will be able to experience the harvest more intimately by enjoying a completely immersive experience: they'll get to harvest maize and common wheat alongside two crop farmers using virtual reality headsets.


The crop bakery


For the first time at the Paris International Agricultural Show, French crops will be used to bake world breads. A bakery – set up in partnership with the Institut National de la Boulangerie Pâtisserie (France's national bakery-patisserie institute) and the Association Nationale de la Meunerie Française(France's national milling association) – will be set up in the Plant Odyssey in the presence of trainer bakers from the Institut National de la Boulangerie Pâtisserie.

Every day, flour made from French cereal crops will be used to provide bread-making demonstrations for French bread as well as bread from other countries.

Throughout the day at the bakery, bakers will be baking French bread varieties (traditional French baguettes, regional breads, pies, etc.) as well as breads from all over the world (Italian focaccia, Moroccan bread, pita bread, Spanish bread) – all for the delight of visitors.

And every hour, children will get to bake their own bread and learn about the "common wheat, flour, bread" sector.

Discover the harvest as if you were there


French baking expertise

France's expertise is sought all over the world when it comes to baking.

France is Europe's number one crop-producing country. Every year, nearly 450 mills grind 5.5 million tonnes of wheat into flour to produce traditional French baguettes, for example, as well as other breads which are typical of each region. But what people don't necessarily know is that half of all crops grown in France are exported and are used to produce bread-based products that are needed to feed millions of people all over the world. For this to be possible, crops grown in France are required to have particular sanitary and technological properties so that they can go on to be used to manufacture a multitude of products ranging from North African flatbread to Italian focaccia.

The Plant Odyssey is:

The Plant Odyssey plays host to ten partners from the plant sector: the Association des Brasseurs de France (French brewers association), AIBS (joint trade association for beetroot and sugar), CEDUS (Centre for sugar research and information), Crédit Agricole, FARRE (Ecofriendly integrated farming forum), GNIS (national joint trade group of seed and plant producers), Passion Céréales, Terre OléoPro (French oil and vegetable protein sector), UIPP (Union of industries involved in protecting plants), and INTERFEL (fresh fruit and vegetables interprofessional organisation).

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