Dogs and Cats

If you want to see some of the finest examples of major dog and cat breeds, just go to Hall 7.1. 

Just like every year, families will be able to enjoy numerous events and workshops.

Dogs and cats of the show 

If you go to Hall 7.1, you'll find numerous stands all focused on your pets' well-being (food, accessories, information from LOOF, France's official register of cat pedigrees, the Reproducers' Awards and the central canine society), as well as seeing the finest cat and dog pedigrees.

For everything there is to know about cats and the numerous breeds that there are, just visit the professional cat breeders in the L.O.O.F. (France's official register of cat pedigrees) area. This is a body approved by the Ministry for agriculture, agrifoods and forestry which manages cat breeds and publishes genealogical documents (pedigrees) in France. Every day, breeders and their cats will come and meet members of the general public, showcasing the wealth and the sheer diversity of feline breeds. An opportunity for everyone to find a breed that best suits them. 

"Dogs & Cats" Reunited 

The Central Canine Society is joining forces with the LOOF (official register of dog and cat pedigrees) to create the first ever "Dogs & Cats" hub in Hall 7.1.  Sports demonstrations put on by young students from professional farming colleges, pointer training events featuring 5-month-old Epagneuls Breton puppies… and many other highlights will be on show every day in this area which is particularly popular among the general public.

Without forgetting the presence of representatives of the Central Canine Society at the show, the General Agricultural Competition for Dogs.

As you make your way through the hall, you'll be able to admire the finest specimens of various cat and dog breeds, and get information about them from their breeders. Cat breeders will be at the show, and you'll be able to find examples of the most popular breeds, such as Maine Coons, British Shorthairs and Persians.

There will also be dog demonstrationson the presentation stage: police dogs, guide dogs, agility dogs, herding dogs and many others will put on a show for the delight of children and adults alike.

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