Behind the scenes of the cereals

For a better understanding of the entire chain and the origin of our food

Visitors can prepare their boots, rake and magnifying glass to set off to discover the plant world and meet the Show's experts: the farmers!
From sowing to sowing, to transformation into bread, sugar, flour, oil or even bioplastics and biofuels, the public will be able to follow the professionals of the plant sector through the various events and become familiar with all these crops present on a daily basis!

The animal feed factory!

What do chickens and pigs eat in our regions? With the help of a professional in the sector, young and old alike will be able to discover the importance of cereals in the balanced diet of the animals they wish to feed, by making a feed adapted to the animals. At the end of this fun and family workshop, the young participants will symbolically offer a "good meal" to the animals of the breeders present at the International Agricultural Show. This is an opportunity to become aware of the links between cereal farming and livestock breeding, which are much closer than they seem.


The crop bakery


During the Salon, young and old alike become bakers and bakers' ovens to discover the behind-the-scenes of the jewels of French gastronomy: bread. Through wheat, corn or spelt flour, in baguette, boule or loaf form, cereals are expressed here with flavour and delicacy.

With daily demonstrations of how to make French and foreign breads from flours made from French cereals...

On the bakery, all day long, the bakers bake French bread (traditional French baguette, regional breads, pies...) and world breads (Italian focaccia, Moroccan bread, pita bread, Spanish bread) in front of the visitors.

And every hour the children can make their own bread and discover the "soft wheat, flour, bread" sector.

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