Agri 4.0

Discover the Agriculture 4.0 area which showcases start-ups in the farming sector! 

In this agricultural world in perpetual motion, the Show has created in 2016 the  AGRI'4.0 aera. Farmers, sector professionals and the general public are in for a unique experience when they visit this area, brimming with innovative products and services for agricultural enterprises. They will leave with a sound understanding of all the ways in which digital technologies are helping to safeguard high-quality farming in France.

Agri'4.0: the exhibitors of the 2020 edition : 

  • The Digital Farm, an association currently made up of 26 start-ups in the farming sector, will be once again be represented at the 2020 Paris International Agricultural Show
  • COFARMING: Created in 2016, the #CoFarming association brings together a dozen of agricultural startups.  Its ambition is to bring the voice of a collaborative spirit to the agricultural world by relying on the benefits of digital technology.
  • Sun’Agri : Dynamic agrivoltaism, developed by Sun'Agri, is a digital solution based on the study of plant needs throughout their growth cycle and pools them with meteorological information and production objectives.
  • AGRILAB: collaborative innovation centre for agriculture

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