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Fine or ground salt


Fine or ground salt

Brand : Le Guérandais


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LES SALINES DE GUERANDE - Grocery products


Le Guérandais is first and foremost the story of men and women deeply attached to their land and trade. In the 80s, passionate salt marsh workers chose to counter the threats their activity was facing, and collectively succeeded in hoisting Guérande salt to its leading position in French salt production.
Le Guérandais is known for its cooperative spirit, conveyed on a daily basis by mutual help, collective harvesting and the transmission of know-how dating back two thousand years.

Every summer, the members bring their harvest individually to the cooperative. This compulsory sharing of the harvest is one of the foundations of our organisation.

However, depending on weather conditions, the harvest may vary from 100Kg to 3 tonnes of salt per pond!
A minimum of two to three years’ stock is therefore needed to ensure that our customers and consumers receive a regular supply in terms of quantity and quality.

Whether the harvest is large or small, the cooperative ensures that each salt worker receives a guaranteed purchase price for his salt for the same quality. Payment is of course in proportion to the amount of salt that each member contributes.

The purchase price is fixed by the members themselves every year, for a period of one year. This annual consultation allows the salt workers to stabilise their incomes and live decently from their production.

Le Guérandais is a brand boosted by a company that acts in harmony with its bountiful environment. Its many innovations have breathed a touch of modernity into products created through artisanal and ancestral know-how. In practice, the company has succeeded in perfectly matching its customers' expectations, distributors' requirements and producers' needs.

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