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Elevage Ovin et Races Ovines

Elevage Ovin et Races Ovines - Breeding sector

207 rue de Bercy
75587 PARIS CEDEX 12



With Inn'ovin, the sheep is now!
Sheep farming, a reservoir of exceptional 61% of suckler ewes and 39% of dairy ewes retired within 15 years: 46% of French lamb production and 33% of milk production is at risk of extinction.
The renewal of generations and the installation of breeders are therefore a priority.
A new CAP, a market and favorable prices, all signals are green!
1. The Ovine Aid and ICHN have been upgraded and the price of lamb is rising.
2. Out of 10 consumed in France, only 4 and are produced.
3. Ovine production, compared to other productions, requires moderate guaranteed investments.

Yes, sheep production in France has a future!
It offers a variety of opportunities and opportunities in quality processes: red label, PDO, PGI, organic, but also CCP ...


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