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DG Agriculture et développement rural
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From farm to fork, sustainable food for our future!

Much of what we consume everyday comes from farms: from our milk, bread, honey, meat, fruit or vegetables to our seafood. Europe’s 22 million farmers and agri-workers play a unique role in our society: they produce stable, safe, quality food for 500 million EU citizens while taking care of the food security, welfare of animals, the environment and climate change and keeping the countryside alive.
Furthermore, the farming and the agri-foods industries today represent 44 million jobs and 6 % of European gross domestic product (GDP). They play a vital role in our economy and society. Farmers are today entrepreneurs, using modern farming techniques and diversifying their activities. They will play a key role in the next years by contributing to the achievement of the main objective of the European Green Deal – to make Europe climate neutral by 2050. That’s why Europe’s Common Agricultural Policy supports its farmers to help them fulfilling these important tasks.
The European Union promotes digital innovation in agriculture and rural areas and invests in modern technology to tackle climate change at farm level and the wider rural community. In addition to this, at each stage of the production chain, from farm to fork, the European Union makes sure that we can enjoy the safest sustainably produced food in the world.
The EU indeed applies the highest quality and production standards, rigorous plant and animal health and welfare controls, detailed labelling, hygiene standards and traceability procedures. The European Union also invests in food research and puts forwards measure to reduce food waste.
To find out more come and visit our stand 1 M 003 : taste some European quality and organic products or challenge yourself with our interactive quiz and learn more about the European Green Deal!

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