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Chambre Agriculture France - APCA

Chambre Agriculture France - APCA - Agricultural services and professions

9 avenue George V
75008 PARIS

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The French Chambers of Agriculture are public institutions, founded in 1924, run by elected members representing all the stakeholders involved in agriculture and in the rural world.
The Chambers are halfway between public sector and agricultural professionals and their role is on the one hand to represent the farmers and the rural world (thanks to the Permanent Assembly of the French Chambers of Agriculture (APCA) founded in 1935) towards local and national authorities and on the other hand to offer a broad range of services to farmers and the rural world.
The Chamber's elections are organized every 6 years.
APCA plays a role of representation, communication, expertise and network coordination at national and European level and involved with the whole network of Chambers of Agriculture in nearly all agricultural sectors:
-plant and animal production
-agricultural economics
-environment and management of natural resources
-rural development and local farming



Present on the stand : UniLaSalle

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