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An exceptionnal soil :
The estate counts 68 acres of vineyards, thrown on rolling slopes of typical loamy-sand soils called "tawny sand". In the very heart of Armagnac's golden triangle; the 1st Grands crus of Bas Armagnac. To enhanceour organic approach, ou vineyard strives in a preserved environement. Between woods and ponds scattered on the 200 acres of the estate. Château Garreau is house to the Ecomusée of Armagnac; founded by Charles Garreau and dedicated to the promotion of this bit of Gascony that is Armagnac. To discover, to explore, to transmit and share. Home to all your events and continuous R&D.

A broad diversity of Grape Types:
The Baco, the Folle Blanche, The Ugni Blanc, and the Colombard, are the 4 principal "cépages" of Armagnac just as Gros Manseng, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc participate to the ecosystem of the estate. The Baco, whom we contributed to preserve, is our principal "cépage" and expresses itself fully on our "Tawny sand"

Divine nature:
Fauna and flora are preserved: Protected turtles, grey herons, egret, deers... and wild archids, forest of oak, ash, alder, and centennial cedars...

The six ponds contribute to the balance of our Gascon paradise.
Our esate bears the "Haute valeur environemental" (Hight environmental value) label since 2019.

A Family History:
Properting of a Russian prince during the 19th centuryn then to a british lord, Château Garreau, formerly known as Domaine de Gayrosse boastsof a rich history.
A know how transmitted from generation to generation since 1919, date of the purchase of the domain by Charles Garreau. Today, the 4th generation upholdthe heritage blending tradition and innovation.
In 1974, Château Garreau creates the floc de Gascogne. Heritage and innovation are a strain noticable to all its range of product enlined with modern tastes and habits. Blanche Armagnac and Eden in 2018...
Always striving to deliver exellence and emotion when experiencing Château Garreau.

Miraculous distillation on the Estate:
Château Garreau in one of the very few estates owning its personals continous stills. Its distilling academy has trained many distillers.
The quality of the wine, the know how of the distiller and the performance of our continuous stills built in 1919 and 1932 combine in Château Garreau to deliver the eldest spirit of France known since AD 1310 for its 40 virtues.

Armagnacs Garreau, a sparkle to your senses:
Savouring a Château Garreau's Armagnac, is a time for sharing, a time of communion with nature that transmits its vital strenght. This spirit is a life expérience.
Its an invitation to the discvery of Armagnac's soil flavours. A sensation of strenght and smoothness all together. An exaltation of all senses, fruit of nature and the labour of men and women of our estate.
Blends ans Millésimes to be shared with family or friends, to celebrate a special occasion or simply the pleasure of beeing together. There's always the right bottle !



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