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AGRI ETHIQUE - Agricultural services and professions

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As part of the French fair trade collective since September 2018, Agri-Ethique is a French fair trade label  based on three commitments : economic, social and environmental & animal welfare. Agri-Ethique’s aims at changing conventional trade practices by creating partnerships and assisting the actors of each food supply chain.
As a real citizen action, this label plays an essential role by upgrading and securing the farmer’s job and his productions. Thanks to Agri-Ethique, each actor of the supply chain commits himself to a quantity, a price and a contractual period of at least three years ; an approach bringing producers a real serenity by guaranteeing an income and therefore protecting local employment. The 1 400 farmers involved in this process commit themselves to implement the best eco-friendly practices.
This approach has evolved a lot since 2013 : it has been opened up to other producer organizations ; the number of partners as well as volumes concerned have increased ; implementation in different French regions with a diversification of food sectors (wheat, milk, eggs, meat, dried leguminous vegetables…).
The first actors who joined this process were artisanal bakeries (more than 800 bakeries), eager to give new values to their work. Agri-Ethique also relies on the support from industrials such as Crêperie Jarnoux, La Boulangère, Biofournil, Léa Nature, etc…
As a precursor in 100% French Fair Trade, Agri-Ethique now has 162 certified food references and represents 58% of the French fair trade products’ sales, i.e. a turnover of 252 370 033 € (sales to final consumer in 2018).


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