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Gruyère France

Fromages AOP du Massif Jurassien

Gruyère France - Fromages AOP du Massif Jurassien


Gruyère IGP, generous by nature
The Gruyère de France is a savoury raw milk cheese, a guarantee of its valuable nutritional qualitites. Its designation IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) is an European recognition which certifies the link between this delicious cheese and its origins.
Its traditional production area extends from the Franche-Comté to the Savoie. The dairy herds are made up of local breeds : the Montbéliarde, the Simmental, the Abondance, the Tarentaise and the Vosgienne. Cows that make up the identity of our landscapes. These beautiful dairy cows are essentially fed with grass and hay, cereals, excluding all forms of fermented foods, and without GMO’s.
The milk is brought, daily, to the cheesemakers where the Gruyère is crafted in copper tanks. It takes 400 litres of this excellent milk to make a single 42 kg cheese wheel.
These cheese wheels are then matured for 4 to 6 months (the PGI specifications state that the Gruyère must be matured for a minimum of 120 days). One part of the maturation process takes place in a warm cellar (about 17°). This is where the flavours will develop and where the little holes, characteristic of the Gruyère de France, appear.
A flavour that appeals to a growing audience
The Gruyère de France is a cheese that appeals to everyone, for breakfast or as a snack, for a picnic or as an appetizer. Its light creamy texture has subtle flavours. This hard pressed cheese has the particularity of having small holes the size of a hazelnut or of a garden pea. It has a subtle fruity flavour with a hint of floral aromas. It’s tender in the mouth and kids love it. It’s a cheese for all occasions. It’s one of a kind !

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