Visit to the Rungis market

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The largest fresh produce market in the world

234 ha of fresh produce

For the first time, the Paris International Agricultural Show is organising a visit to the international Rungis market, followed by a return to the Show for a highly exclusive meal at the Interbev stand, the joint trade association for cattle and meat.


Morning schedule

Exclusively for professionals in the agricultural and agro-food sectors with professional e-badges, this visit will be on Friday, 28 February 2020.

– Meet at 3:30 AM for a coach departure

– Guided tour of the Rungis market's fruit & vegetable, meat product and dairy product sections

– Return to the Show at around 9 AM

– Meal in a private restaurant run by Interbev, the joint trade association for cattle and meat

Do you have a professional e-badge?


Registration are not available yet. 

Rungis, the largest fresh produce market in the world

The Rungis international market covers 234 ha and is only 7 km from Paris. Created in 1969, it sells an exceptional variety of food products – mainly fresh produce –, as well as flowers, plants and decorative ornaments Today, it feeds more than 18 million consumers.

The three sections included in the market tour:


All kinds of fruit and vegetables from all over are sold at Rungis – everything from fruit produce from the Ile-de-France region in the Producers' Square to the most unexpected exotic products from the other side of the world.

1.2 million tonnes sold per year


Meat products are found in abundance at Rungis. Visitors will find carcass meat, as well as vacuum-packed muscle. All meat types are represented: Butchers' meet (beef, veal, lamb), pork, poultry and game, tripe, etc.

More than 270,000 tonnes


This section is where dairy products (butter, eggs, cheese, cream, ultra-fresh products) and delicatessen products (cooked meats, condiments, culinary aids, grocery products, beverages, etc.) are sold. It also has a special area for organic products.

157,000 tonnes


Interbev, the joint trade association for cattle and meat

Interbev, exhibiting at the Paris International Agricultural Show, will be functioning as a fully-fledged representative of the cattle and meat sector. As a joint trade association, Interbev will be representing all cattle, veal, sheep, horse and goat professionals.

Every year, Interbev sets up a highly exclusive restaurant in the middle of its stand (no. E036 in Hall 1) that is closed to visitors to the Show. As somebody who has signed up for the Rungis tour on 28 February, you will get special access to this restaurant for a meal featuring 100% French meat.

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