Livestock breeding sectors

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Livestock breeding sectors at the Paris International Agricultural Show!

The “Livestock breeding sectors” section showcases the largest number of animals with 330 breeds on show, including cows and bulls; draught horses, ponies and donkeys; goats, billy goats, sheep, rams and ewes; rabbits and farmyard animals; pigs; dogs; and pets,...

There are more than 3,850 animals in total at the show.

Discover the locations of the animals:

  • Cattle: cows, calves and bulls: Pavillion 1
  • Sheeps: Pavillion 1
  • Goats: Pavillion 1
  • Pigs: Pavillion 1
  • Horses, donkeys and ponies : Pavillion 6
  • Dogs: Pavillion 5.1
  • Cats: Pavillion 5.1
  • Poultry: Pavillion 4

The General Agricultural Competition for Animals

While you are at the show, you can also see the competition for the finest animals in French livestock rearing.

Where can you see the star of the Show?

Meet her at the Pavilion 1. 

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